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The attorneys, advocates, and staff at Pinnacle Disability Group have one focus, to win your case! Their combined experience gives them over a decade of Social Security Disability (SSD) practice experience.

Our approach is simple. Be thorough, be accurate, be persistent, be focused, and be straight-forward. While no attorney can promise you that your case will win; the Pinnacle staff is confident that with our high win-rates, compassionate and zealous team, you will receive the absolute highest chance at an approval.

What’s our secret? We know the Social Security Administration; how they operate, how they think, what they look for in a winning case, and best of all, we can speak their unique language. We know how to cut through the red tape, and how to best present your case for a win!



James Mitchell Brown is the nation’s leading consultant for small and medium sized law firms. He has been an attorney since 1973; is a past president of the national Organization of Social Security Claimant’s Representatives and has received that organization’s Distinguished Service Award for his legislative efforts with the Social Security Administration and with Congress.

Brown sold his practice for health reasons in 2003 and formed Attorney Consultant Inc. in 2004. In this business he helps firms create business plans; marketing plans; managed their claims more efficiently; does crisis management and is involved with every aspect of a firm’s practice.

ACI has helped law firms in 39 states, Puerto Rico and Canada improve their practices.

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