Do I need a social security disability attorney or advocate?

Pinnacle Disability explains.

You can complete the application for social security disability benefits yourself online through the website. If it is that easy, you may ask yourself, then why do I need a social security disability attorney or advocate? The answer is simple – a 29% greater chance of winning your case!

It is true. The Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR) found that claimants who did have an attorney or advocate working on their case had a 29% greater chance of winning their case. In a nutshell, hiring an expert social security disability attorney can greatly improve the odds of winning your claim.

Working with the social security administration, like any government agency, can be rough. Yes, it is their role to fairly review claims, but their job is not to approve all claims, nor to do the work for you. So, unless your case is obvious, your claim may suffer a denial of benefits for reasons you don’t understand which may leave you wondering what happened and where to go next.

Working with the disability attorneys and advocates at Pinnacle Disability can provide many benefits:

  • Pinnacle Disability will review your supporting case documentation; medical records, doctor’s notes, etc., to improve your chances of winning at the Initial Application stage.
  • When the SSA makes requests for supporting documentation, we will manage those requests for you.
  • We can effectively navigate the rules and procedures of the Social Security Administration to ease the process so you don’t have to worry about making procedural mistakes.
  • We will represent you at the Hearings; effectively present the applicable medical records, cross-examine witnesses, and communicate effectively with the judges to present your case professionally and according to the expected protocol.
  • We will adequately prepare you and provide ongoing updates so you are comfortable as your case progresses through the disability process.
  • We will monitor your claim to ensure deadlines are met and dates are kept.

At Pinnacle Disability, we work for you! We will be your personal advocate with the SSA, and work diligently to win your claim! Call us at 1-800-593-7491. We can provide a Free evaluation of your case, with no further obligation.

How Much Does It Cost?

There are no up-front costs. Fact is, if an attorney wants to charge you an hourly rate to represent you with your SSDI benefits claim they are violating federal law.

Federal law actually regulates what an attorney is paid when hired to represent a claimant. It is important to also note that:

  • You don’t pay these fees out of your own pocket,
  • They are paid by the social security administration out of your disability back pay only when you win your claim,
  • The fees cannot be greater than 25% of the amount of your back pay, and is capped at $6,000,
  • The fees do not reduce your monthly benefit amount.